Things My Guru Has Already Taught Me


…Lessons from my 6 month old…

Wake up with a smile.  Most every morning Baby J wakes up with a huge double-toothed grin. It’s the most beautiful thing to wake up to, and who can blame him? He’s happy to be alive and begin a new day!

Be Silly.  Make funny sounds and giggle lots!  Who cares what people think? So often we hold back hilarious laughter in fear of looking silly. Next time something makes you laugh, do it with some “umph”, use that giggle-box to its fullest potential!

Nap.  My son reminds me two, or (hopefully) three times a day to allow yourself to rest. I know he’s a growing baby and they rest more than adults, but he’s really on to something.  The more I give myself a moment, some time to just read a little, take a cat-nap, or meditate, the more productive I will be as a Mother/Wife/Human-being. BELIEVE ME, lack of sleep makes me a very grumpy, irritable, and moody person. It’s the same way with him. I know when you’re a new Mom, it’s much easier said than done, but sleep should not be a luxury.

Stretch. After each nap, my little “guru” automatically has these awesome, huge stretches that go from the tips of his tiny, delicious, toes with raised-arms over head all the way up to his fingertips (arched back and all)…so stinkin’ cute! I look at him and think, oh…yeah…I know that feeling…YES!

Breathe.  Breathe from your belly. I watch his little buddha-belly rise and fall and he’s really breathing, like, the real way. Not the way we (adults) have all been morphed in to breathing. At some point, we lose that instinct to breathe from our abdomens and take full breaths. It sucks, we are so rushed theses days to even breathe correctly. It’s simple: Breathe less, live longer. Shallow, quick, breathing from the chest isn’t as beneficial to our bodies as a deep, full, yummy breath from the belly and a long exhalation.  Yes, I am a yoga teacher, but yes, I still need the reminder. 

Communicate.  When something feels good, Baby J “coos” or “ahhs”…when he’s upset or sad, he vocalizes it and I certainly know how he feels! We often grow up and learn to suppress our feelings and hold back. My little guy has been teaching me the value of self-expression and communication. How else will anyone know how you feel unless you communicate it fully with heartfelt honesty?  This is one I really need to work on the most. If someone does something for you and it makes you feel good – tell them! On the other hand, if you don’t care for the way something is being done or the way you are being treated – let them know, too! (Disclaimer: There’s always a tactful way of doing this…I’m still working on that one.) Haha! 😉

So, these are a few lessons my sweet, smart, little six month old baby boy has taught me.  Seems simple enough, right? He is so incredibly wise and has given his Father and I so many gifts and he doesn’t even know it! If this is some of what I can take from the first six months, I can’t even imagine the marvelous journey ahead!  I’m so excited! I hope you all can take a little something from my tiny “goo-roo”.  Much love! ♥



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Meet Baby Jameson!

Baby Jameson

This is the love of my life, Jameson, a.k.a. Baby J, now three months old.  After having a pretty exciting labor, au naturale without meds, and before you say, “Bravo!”… (nooo, I am not as brave as you think), I TOTALLY tried (okay, I pleaded to my hubby & nurse) for an epidural, it’s just that the darn thing didn’t work…TWICE! WTH?!

 I asked my husband to coach me to stay strong through the whole process.  I told him to make sure we stick to our guns, but when we were about halfway through the labor, the pain was so tragically unbearable and I had to speak up! Feeling defeated, I guiltily begged – I didn’t want to let him (or myself) down, his heart was breaking for me, and we both wavered.  After the anesthesiologist had some problems (and was completely rude, in my opinion) and I was still feeling everything, the nurse asked if I would be interested in calling him back to take a stab (pun intended) for a third time!  At this point, I was over it.  It hit me that this MUST be a sign!  I declined.  You see, my whole intention was to try my best to have a natural childbirth with no interventions, and well…in the end, that is pretty much what happened!  I knew from the beginning that did not want an induction or pitocin and I would not let them break my water.  If I did that, I just knew that a cascade of interventions would be in my near future.  I had to pull out every ounce of strong, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar thoughts from my very soul that I could.

(Side note: If you haven’t seen the documentary, The Business of Being Born, I highly recommend it! I truly believe us women need to educate ourselves and stand for our birthing rights. So important! Okay, I’m done preaching.) ;)

But, why didn’t those epidurals work out??? Apparently, because of all of my past hip surgeries and issues, my spine is out of alignment and I have slight scoliosis.  This was making the anesthesiologist-man hit the target all wrong!  Um, yeah…no bueno.  I felt everything…oh boy did I?!  I had so much fear…fear of the pain, fear of my hip dislocating, fear that myself or the people around me had no clue what f#ck they were doing!  The Mr. had to remind me to get centered and remember all of the things that I teach in prenatal yoga. Thank God for him, because I was like, oh sh*t…yeah, I forgot! BREATHE…and not just breathe, reeeally breathe. I was breathing like I had never breathed before! The candle breath (I’ll post about that later) was a lifesaver when I really wanted and felt like I needed to push, but the Dr. said it wasn’t time.

So, to make a long birth-story short, eight painful and determined hours later, this precious, amazing being was born. He is incredible to say the least – worth every single tear and drop of sweat. The gift you get in return for the suffering makes it all seem like a total no-brainer.  I never really “got it” until now.  Majority of my friends have kids, and yeah, yeah…they’re great and all…but, wow!  The vast amount of love in my heart is beyond measure.  I sit and stare at him with amazement.  We are so blessed.


I honestly believe this all happened for a reason – all of the stress with the epidurals and being able to feel it all.  It may sound crazy, but I’m so glad I did.  It was a test to the kind of strength I never knew I had.  I had never felt so strong or more like a woman in my life.

I now know that it IS possible and that I should never sell myself short.  I will carry this birth-story with me forever and will teach little Jameson to never doubt yourself, because you really can do anything when you care enough and your whole heart is in it.  ♥

Special thanks to my Mom for also being there in delivery room, massaging my shoulders, holding me, and supporting me then and now. Also, infinite amounts of gratitude and love to my remarkable husband (aka The Mr.) for being such a solid to me throughout all of this.  I never could have been so strong without you.  You inspire me every day and are simply the best.  My cup runneth… I love you both so much. 


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You ARE what you eat

youRwhatUeatAhhaha! This made me laugh so I thought I’d share! 🙂


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